Game Update 43 Preview!
Group Looting Additions!
For Game Update 43, there are additional loot options on their way! There is already the “Leader Only”, “Free For All” and “Lottery” options, but there will be a “Need Before Greed” option as well as a “Round Robin” addition!

-”Need before greed”
For those that think that the present “Lotto” system is not quite robust enough, you can choose to use the “Need Before Greed” option. In using this looting choice, when someone within your group loots an item, those within that group are given the option to select “need”, “greed”, or “decline” for each item in a chest. The item will be assigned to a random player within the group that chooses “need”. If no players within the group choose “need”, the loot item will be randomly assigned to a player within the group who chooses “greed”.
-”Round Robin”
When this group looting option is chosen, looted items will be assigned automatically to players in sequence within the present group.

 По-русски, вкратце: кнопочка “нид” в окне рола будет доступна только тем членам группы, которым по классу подходит выпавший предмет, остальные смогут только “погридить” :Р Преимущество в розыгрыше, разумеется, у первых.